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Team Bio

Daniel Murphy,  Owner:

Upon graduation from college and working for a European bicycle importer in Tallahassee, Florida I relocated to Houston, Texas to work with Joy Boone of Daniel Boone Cycles.  Joy was a pleasure and inspiration.  After Daniel Boones I worked for Campagnolo USA until they relocated to New Jersey.  Then at Romic Cycles a local bicycle frame builder, I learned to build wheels and assemble bikes. With this knowledge and experience I felt confident that it was time to open my own shop.  In 1985 I found a small house to rent on Washington Avenue near Memorial Park and opened West End Bicycles.  Within two years we had outgrown the small house and bought an abandoned warehouse nearby that was for sale.  It has been thirtyt years since opening West End Bicycles and I’ve seen the shop grow from a one-man operation to ten full time employees.  We have three master mechanics, three sales associates, two fitters and one assembler.  My greatest joy is derived from introducing new cyclist to the sport of cycling.



Trendon: I have been working on and riding bikes since I was about 6.  I specialize in setting up suspension and hydraulic brakes on mountain bikes.  I like to send it! 




Michael: I became involved with cycling at a somewhat late age, but quickly became enamored with it.  I have been working on bicycles since 2010, have learned a lot in the process, and continue to learn more each day.




Adrian: One of the things that got me into cycling was the pleasure of every ride; each one is different and fun.  Especially so if you ride with Blaine. 




Neil: Doesn’t really work here. Unsure of what he really does.




Piam : Started working for bike shops in the mid 1980’s after school and on weekends.  Over 20 years mechanical and wheel-building experience.  Attention given to each repair so that you can enjoy your ride without problems.




Blaine : I don’t sell bikes, I sell bicycling. 




Sam: Has a beard




Kevin: I love my wife. I love my kids. I love my bike(s).



Brad: "Leave me alone."




Damien: What?





Nathan: Bald but sexy




 Chaz: Likes poetry , sunsets , long walks on the beach and fashionable footwear.












West End carries a great deal of bike manufactures and bike parts